***The IAPS National Tennis Championships, 2019, is now fully booked.
If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please contact sport@iaps.uk***

Tournament information

  • Please note the format of this tournament is slightly different from last year.
  • This is still a team tournament, including both singles and doubles.
  • However, schools can now enter just boys or just girls teams.

  • Age groups and Teams
  • U11 and U13 tournament for both boys and girls.
  • Schools can enter 1 team into each category.
  • A team is made up of 2 players of the same sex.
  • Schools can enter boys teams and girls teams.
  • If you have both boys and girls teams in the same age group, your results will be eligible to count towards a mixed team score.

  • Format
  • Matches will use a Fast4 format.
  • Each team will play 2 singles and 1 doubles match against their opponent.

  • Teams
  • The boys and girls categories will follow a compass draw ensuring that all teams play the same amount of tennis over the two days competition.

  • U11 Boys A team - made up of 2 boys
  • U11 Boys B team - made up of 2 boys
  • U11 Girls A team - made up of 2 girls
  • U11 Girls B team - made up of 2 girls
  • U13 Boys A team - made up of 2 boys
  • U13 Boys B team - made up of 2 boys
  • U13 Girls A team - made up of 2 girls
  • U13 Girls B team - made up of 2 girls

  • Mixed tournament
  • The mixed tournament is a virtual format. You must have boys and girls teams in the respective age group, for your scores to count towards a mixed team score. e.g. you must enter an U11 Boys A team and an U11 Girls A team for your results to count towards an U11 MIxed A team score

  • U11 Mixed A team - made up of 2 U11 A team boys and 2 U11 A team girls
  • U11 Mixed B team - made up of 2 U11 B team boys and 2 U11 B team girls
  • U13 Mixed A team - made up of 2 U13 A team boys and 2 U13 A team girls
  • U13 Mixed B team - made up of 2 U13 B team boys and 2 U11 B team girls
  • Entry requirements

  • All competitors must be registered as a British Tennis Member and provide their BTM number for the competition. If they don't have a BTM number, they must join as a member here before the competition.
  • All competitors must attend an IAPS school.
  • Competitors may only play in one age group throughout the competition.
  • Only a member of school staff, with a school email address, can book onto IAPS sports events online.
  • Bookings are made on a first come, first served basis.

  • Date of birth
  • The competitors age must be taken from the 1 September 2018.

  • Umpiring
  • Players will be expected to score all their matches, as there will be no umpires on court.
  • Less experienced players can have help scoring by a neutral adult.
  • LTA officials will be present to help with any queries or discrepancies.

  • National governing body

    The national governing body for Tennis in England is the Lawn Tennis Association.

    The Tennis Foundation
  • A number of teacher training courses are available to help develop your coaching skills. Take a look at what is on offer.

  • The School Games Tennis Toolkit
  • An online resource has been designed for teachers and coaches in schools to make running competitions as easy as possible. The Toolkit contains over 40 resources and templates which can be downloaded, many of which can be edited to support teachers organising intra and inter-schools competitions.
  • Rules and regulations

    Tennis rules and regulations
  • These championships are conducted under the LTA Fast4 guidelines.
  • Excessive grunting and shouting is discouraged.
  • Please read the rules and regulations in full before entering the event.

  • Competitor details
  • Schools must complete their competitors details for the event online before the entry deadline.
  • The link to submit your competitors details can be found in the confirmation email sent to you immediately after booking online.
  • If you do not receive the confirmation email for any reason, you can log into your account via our website and re-send yourself the email.

  • IAPS Noticeboard

    We will email and tweet any urgent information to schools regarding our events e.g. cancellations due to weather.

    We will use this noticeboard to post the same information.

    Important information
  • There is no important news at this time.

  • Merchandise

    Shirt Logos Ltd
  • As the official merchandisers for IAPS, they sell branded products both online and at events throughout the year. All of the commission made from the merchandise is reinvested into the sports programme, to keep improving the events every year.

  • Team hoodies
  • Shirt Logos can produce team hoodies for schools. Place your order online and have your personalised hoodies sent directly to your school or collect them at the event.

    Tennis event coming soon.


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