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    IAPS Swimming
    The largest annual prep school swimming gala in the UK!


**Bookings will open on Monday 1 October 2018 and close on Friday 30 November 2018**

Tournament information

  • U10 - 25m - Breaststroke, Backstroke, Butterfly, Freestyle, 4x25 Medley Relay & 4x25m Freestyle Relay.
  • U11 & U12 - 50m Breaststroke, Backstroke, 25m Butterfly, 50m Freestyle, 4x25 Medley Relay & 4x25m Freestyle Relay.
  • U13 - 50m - Breaststroke, Backstroke, 25m Butterfly, 50m Freestyle, 4x25 Medley Relay & 4x25m Freestyle Relay.
  • U11 Small Schools Relay - 8x25m relay is for schools who have no more than a combined total of 50 (girls and boys) in years 5 + 6. Must comprise of four year 5 & four year 6 children.

  • Qualifying for the finals
  • Schools must enter a qualifying round swimming gala (QR) in order to qualify for the national finals.
  • The top 20 swimmers in each age group across all the galas will qualify for the finals in the individual races.
  • The top 12 schools in each age group across all the galas will qualify for the finals in the relays.
  • The top 10 schools across all the galas will qualify for the small schools relay.

  • Finals
  • The finals will be held at the London Aquatics Centre on Saturday 8 June 2019.
  • Schools will be sent the final list of results in April 2019.
  • It is the schools responsibility to check the results to see whether any of your competitors/teams have qualified for the finals.
  • Winning an event at a qualifier does not guarantee a place at the finals. Qualification is achieved based on the time swam.
  • We will not accept any submission of times from individual time trials held outside of an official IAPS qualifier.
  • The same relay team competitors should swim at the finals. Replacement swimmers will only be accepted in case of illness or injury.

  • Merchandise

    Shirt Logos Ltd
  • The official merchandisers for IAPS, who sell branded products both online, and at events, throughout the year. All of the commission made from the merchandise is put directly back into the sports programme, to keep improving the events every year.

  • Team hoodies
  • Shirt Logos do team hoodies for schools. Place your order online and have your hoodies sent directly to your school or collect at the event.

  • Entry requirements

    Condition of entry
  • As part of your entry, schools agree to use and submit their competitor details using the Team Manager software.
  • Schools who do not submit their competitor details using the Team Manger software, may be asked to withdraw from the event.
  • Schools agree to honour the decisions made by the event referee. The referees decision is final.

  • Entry structure
  • A school may enter one boys and one girls team in each age group.
  • A team is comprised of a maximum of four competitors.
  • Schools may enter one competitor per school per event.
  • Competitors are only permitted to swim in one individual race and two relays. This does not apply to the the small schools relay.
  • Competitors may swim up but must only compete in one age group for the duration of the competition.

  • Eligibility
  • All competitors must attend an IAPS school.
  • A competitor is tied to the school that they compete for in the qualifying rounds. If a competitor moves to another IAPS school between the qualifying round and finals, they must represent the school they competed for in the qualifying round.
  • If a competitor moves to a non IAPS school, they will no longer be able to compete in the competition.
  • Only a member of school staff, with a school email address, can enter IAPS sports events.

  • Diving
  • At all qualifiers, diving should only take place at one end of the pool, even if the venue has two deep ends. Many schools only have one deep end, therefore this rule helps keep the competition as fair as possible.

    Date of birth
  • The competitors age is taken from the 1 September 2018.

  • Rules and Regulations

    National governing body
  • The national governing body for swimming in England is The Amateur Swimming Association

  • ASA rules
  • All IAPS swimming galas are conducted under the ASA rules, including their ruling on gender splits.
  • Please read the rules and regulations in full before entering the event.
  • Entering your school

    STEP 1: Book your place online
  • Schools must enter online and book directly into the qualifying gala they wish to attend.
  • Places are granted on a first come first served basis.
  • Due to poolside capacity and H&S, places are limited at each qualifying gala.
  • If a qualifying gala is already full, you can join the waiting list.
  • We would also strongly suggest you book onto another gala, as we cannot guarantee schools who are on a waiting list a place.
  • You must book the different age groups you wish to enter.
  • You may only book one team per age group and gender.
  • You must confirm and pay for this booking ensuring you have read all of IAPS important documents.
  • Once you have entered a qualifying gala, your place is guaranteed at this venue. You do not need to wait for confirmation from IAPS as to which venue you have been allocated.

  • STEP 2: Team Manager
  • You must submit your swimmers information via Team Manager.
  • With 4000 swimmers entering the swimming galas, there is a huge amount of competitor information to process.
  • Failure to do so, may result in you forfeiting your place at the event.
  • You may need to enlist the help of your IT department to download the software onto your computer.
  • The software does not work on networked computers and must be installed on local computers.

  • Team Manager Files

  • You must submit your competitor details via Team Manager to your qualifying gala organiser at least 2 weeks before the qualifier.

  • *Documents will be made available in due course*
  • Instructions
  • License (for first time users only)
  • Zip File
  • School Codes

    08/06/2019 National Swimming Finals - London Aquatics Centre London Aquatics Centre E20 2ZQ More Info


    06/05/2017 National Swimming Finals K2 Leisure Centre More Info
    09/06/2018 National Swimming Finals - London Aquatics Centre London Aquatics Centre More Info



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