Monday 11 - 13 July 2016 - Millfield Senior School, Kingsweston playing fields, , TA11 6AZ

Event Report and Results

For the second year running the tournament was held on the courts of Millfield and Millfield Prep Schools. Despite the move from the Home Counties to the West Country the popularity of the tournament continues to grow and this year we had a record number of 318 players taking part.

We were lucky with the weather in what has been a pretty unspectacular summer; there were no delays on the first two days and an interlude of about an hour on the third day, despite which we finished more or less on time.

Qualified umpires for the finals day created a special atmosphere and this was reflected in the standard of tennis which remains very high at the top level without being daunting for the less strong players.

There were many compliments from happy staff and parents most of whom thoroughly enjoy the two or three days of the tournament. The sportsmanship of the children is always one of the highlights of the event. Winning is important, but taking part and having fun is more important.

My thanks go to all who contributed to the tournament: to the schools who supported us, which included several attending their first tournament, as well as the regulars, many of whom have to travel further since we have changed the venue; to the staff and parents who organised the players, to the committee members who ran the various groups, to the Millfield staff and caterers and to countless others who worked hard both on and off court to contribute to the success of the tournament.

Mike Kelham
Secretary, I.A.P.S. Tennis Committee


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Event Location

Millfield Senior School
Kingsweston playing fields
TA11 6AZ

IAPS Tennis Committee