Sunday 12 June 2016 - Dulwich Prep Cranbrook, Golford Rd, Coursehorn, Cranbrook , TN17 3NP

Event Report and Results

Dulwich Prep School hosted IAPS Triathlon which saw 440 competitors from 40 IAPS schools compete on a very wet course all striving to become champions in their relevant age groups. 

Year 5 Boys

Christo Chilton - Dulwich College Junior School

Year 5 Girls
Katie Sakaria - Guilford High School

Year 6 Boys
Alex Painter - Millfield Prep

Year 6 Girls
Olivia Corner - Kimbolton Prep

Year 7 Boys
Lawrence Martindale - Monkton Prep School

Year 7 Girls
Olivia Lee - Mount Kelly Prep School

Year 8 Boys
William Coggrave - St Olave's

Year 8 Girls
Polly Painter - Millfield Prep

Lawrence Martindale (Year 7) - Monkton Prep

Olivia Lee (Year 7) - Mount Kelly Prep School

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Event Location

Dulwich Prep Cranbrook
Golford Rd, Coursehorn
TN17 3NP