Monday 3 - 05 April 2017 - Aldro School, Lombard Street, Shackleford, Godalming, Surrey , GU8 6AS

Event Report and Results

118 Competitors competed in the Chess Championships on 3-5th April 2017 at Aldro School. 

The winners of the age groups sections (4 rounds) on the first day are as follows;

U12 winner C. Currie-Aird (Aldro)

U11 winner P.Wilmot-Smith (Lockers Park)

U10 winners A. Leith (Lockers Park) and A.Chowdhury (Tormead)

U9 winner B.Taylor-Smith (Aldro)

U8 winner J.Zhao (Twickenham Prep)

SECTION WINNERS (6 round Swiss tournaments) Day 2 and 3
A L.Walker (St Faiths) 5\6
B M.Camilleri (Twickenham) 5.5\6
C T. Barnes (Aldro) 5.5\6
D S. Di Castaglione (Windlesham) 6\6

CHAMPIONSHIP SECTION Day 1,2 and 3 (7 rounds)
1st IAPS National Champion Batuhan Kaya (St Andrews) 6\7
2nd= Henry Dorman (Hoe Bridge) Caspian Fowler (Millfield) and Ben Hammond (Twickenham Prep)

Girls Champion Felicity Pettit (Tormead) 5\7

U13 Hodgson Cup winners Twickenham Prep

Runners Up Lockers Park

3rd Windlesham House.


U11 David Bull Cup winners Twickenham Prep

Runners up: Aldro School

3rd= Windlesham House and Millfield School

Girls team champions: Tormead

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Event Location

Aldro School
Lombard Street, Shackleford, Godalming

David Archer (IAPS Chess Organiser)