Monday 17 - 19 July 2017 - Millfield Senior School, Kingsweston playing fields, , TA11 6AZ

Event Report and Results

This year the Tennis Championships saw 297 competitors across 3 days from 36 schools. 


Results 2017


Under 11 Girls’ Plate
Winners: Erin Ferguson and Josie Huepfl (Manor) 6 - 1
Runners-up: Bluebell blacker and Roxie Davies (St. Hugh’s CM)


Under 11 Boys’ Plate
Winners: George Dalton and Thomas Bates (Aldwickbury) 7 - 6
Runners-up: Oliver Whiteside and Thomas Edwards (King’s Hawford)


Under 13 Girls’ Plate
Winners: Tabby Walker and Manny Salter (Framlingham) 6 - 3
Runners-up: Claudia Laking and Naomi Shaw (St. Mary’s Hall)


Under 13 Boys’ Plate
Winners: George Jackson and Ben Smart (Framlingham) 6 - 0
Runners-up: Andrew Penney and Ollie Mallet (Millfield)


Under 11 Girls’ Doubles
Winners: Bea Painter and Athena Schlepphorst (Manor) 6 - 3
Runners-up: Beth Gardens and Anna Codgell (Framlingham)


Under 11 Boys’ Doubles The Greenish Cups
Winners: Dylan Warren-Cafferty and Elliott Lowe (Aldwickbury) 6-3
Runners-up: Toby Clarke and James Hutchinson (St. George’s)


Under 11 Girls’ Singles
Winner: Millie Day (Berkhamsted) 6 - 0
Runner-up: Athena Schlepphorst (Manor)


Under 11 Boys’ Singles The Fitzgerald Cup
Winner: Tom Chapman (Beacon) 7 - 6
Runner-up: Woody Walker (All Hallows)


Under 13 Girls’ Doubles
Winners: Francesca Davis and Caitlin McLaughlin (Millfield) 6 - 1
Runners-up: Edlyn Rai and Justice Hall (Culford)


Under 13 Boys’ Doubles The Hawkins Cups
Winners: Gene Swain and Ralph Bartlett (Culford) 6 - 3
Runners-up: Dene Haferman and Antonije Vujadinovic (Culford)


Under 13 Girls’ Singles The Vidal Cup
Winner: Justice Hall (Culford) 6 - 1
Runner-up: Thea Sprawson (All Hallows)


Under 13 Boys’ Singles The Cochrane Cup
Winner: Ralph Bartlett (Culford) 6 - 1
Runner-up: Gene Swain (Culford)

Event Location

Millfield Senior School
Kingsweston playing fields
TA11 6AZ

Mike Kelham (IAPS Tennis Organiser)