Sunday 10 June 2018 - Dulwich Prep Cranbrook, Golford Rd, Coursehorn, Cranbrook , TN17 3NP

Event Report and Results

Thank you for entering the IAPS National Triathlon Championships 2018.

In total we had around 440 pupils sign up, of which just under 400 actually racing on the day. It was a fantastic day for racing thanks to the weather, despite the forecast earlier in the week!


Our winners were

Year 5 Girls - Hannah - Beachborough
Year 5 Boys - Monty - Dragon School
Year 6 Girls - Grace - Kent College Pembury
Year 6 Boys - Harry - Dulwich Prep Cranbrook
Year 7 Girls - Georgina - Millfield Prep
Year 7 Boys - Joseph - Monkton Prep
Year 8 Girls - Ellie - Kent College Pembury
Year 8 Boys - Jake - St Michael's Prep
Overall Girls - Ellie - Kent College Pembury
Overall Boys - Jake - St Michael's Prep


All results can be found online here -


A massive thank you goes to Dennis and his team at Race Timing Solutions.

Photos on the day were taken by Mark Eaton at Mark in Time photography and if you would like to look at the pictures and purchase any then the website info is and you would need to create an account to access the pictures (may be best to email directly to sort out a code).


Thank you to the volunteers and marshals, they give their time freely and happily!

A big thank you goes to Ben Bridges from Dulwich Prep Cranbrook for all his exceptional hard work to organise such a great event! Without our volunteer organisers, IAPS events wouldn't happen! the hours put into organising one of these events, is tremendous so thank you.


Event Location

Dulwich Prep Cranbrook
Golford Rd, Coursehorn
TN17 3NP

Ben Bridges (IAPS Triathlon Organiser)