Monday 11 March 2019 - Monmouth School Sports Club, Hadnock Road, Monmouth , NP25 3NG

Event Information

Gala information

Start time - 2pm


Please note that each gala has a very restricted capacity due to pool side health and safety.
We will closely monitor the capacity at each gala and accommodate as many schools as safely possible.
If an event shows as full, you can add your school to the waiting list.

However, we cannot guarantee that a space will become available for you at that gala. A space will only become available due to a withdrawal.
We therefore would strongly suggest you look to travel to another gala instead.


Cancellation of an event

In the unlikely occurrence the tournament is cancelled, we will endeavour to rearrange the event.
Please note there is no guarantee that we will be able to reorganise the event.

Privacy Notice

IAPS is committed to protecting your personal data. Data will be processed for the purposes of responding to requests to enter and participate in IAPS sports events. The Association has a legitimate interest for processing basic and sensitive personal data and will only process and keep the minimum required data to organise and run events safely. IAPS will only share your data with third parties where necessary to do so to compete in an IAPS sporting event and to meet National Governing Bodies regulations. Further information is available here .

Event Location

Monmouth School Sports Club
Hadnock Road
NP25 3NG

Rebecca Sanderson (IAPS Swimming Organiser)