Sunday 16 June 2019 - Monkton Prep School, Combe Down, Bath , BA2 7ET

Event Information

Monkton Prep School

**Event Cancelled**

It is with deep regret that we have had to take the difficult decision to postpone the IAPS Triathlon at Monkton Prep School. The challenging weather conditions of the past week, coupled with a mixed forecast for the weekend, including some significant rain on Saturday, on top of an already wet cycle and run route, has meant that we will not be able to go ahead this Sunday, 16th June. The primary consideration is the safety of participants. Couple this with the need for the course to hold up and be fair for all cyclists and runners throughout the day, and it meant that we had no option but to postpone.

I can only apologise for what will be a massively disappointing decision for you and your athletes. The decision was made collaboratively between Monkton School, IAPS and British Triathlon. We considered amendments to the routes, as well as the possibility of changing to an aquathlon, but ultimately we felt that postponement was the only viable option for all parties involved.

It is our intention to look at rearranging this event, either later this term, or in September, so that 2019 can have an IAPS Triathlon. Although we appreciate that no rearranged date could ever be ideal for all, least of all current Y8s if we have to move to September. However, please do be understanding that it may not be possible to rearrange. We will inform you early next week, and certainly by the end of Tuesday, as to whether we can offer another date or not.

Again, please accept our apologies for this decision. It has not been taken lightly, given that we were very much looking forward to hosting you all at the IAPS Triathlon this weekend.

Please communicate this to all of your athletes and parents and keep an eye out for emails early next week.

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Event Location

Monkton Prep School
Combe Down

Ben Sim (IAPS Triathlon Organiser)