Thursday 15 February 2018 - King Henry VIII School, Warwick Road, Coventry , CV3 6AQ

Event Information

King Henry VIII School

The swimming galas are the largest event in the IAPS calendar. Last year, 28 regional galas saw 2500 children from 400 schools enter with 1500 qualifying for the national finals. This year, the national finals will be held at the London Aquatics Centre on Saturday 9 June 2018.
Schools must enter a qualifying gala, after which all times are submitted nationally and the fastest swimmers in each discipline and age group will qualify for the finals.

Due to the larger pool (10 lanes) and larger capacity on poolside at the London Aquatics Centre, the top 20 individuals in each discipline will qualify for the finals (previously it was the top 16). The top 12 relay teams will qualify, the same as previous years. This will provide a lot more opportunities for children to swim at what is a prestigious venue.


Gala Start Time

  • 3:00pm


Age Groups
• Year 5 – U10 = 9&U on Team Manager
• Year 6 – U11 = 10&U on Team Manager
• Year 7 – U12 = 11&U on Team Manager
• Year 8 – U13 = 12&U on Team Manager


• U10 = 25m Breaststroke, 25m Backstroke, 25m Butterfly, 25m Freestyle, 4x25 Medley Relay, 4x25m Freestyle Relay
• U11 = 50m Breaststroke, 50m Backstroke, 25m Butterfly, 50m Freestyle, 4x25 Medley Relay, 4x25m Freestyle Relay, 8x25m Small Schools Relay
• U12 = 50m Breaststroke, 50m Backstroke, 25m Butterfly, 50m Freestyle, 4x25 Medley Relay, 4x25m Freestyle Relay
• U13 = 50m Breaststroke, 50m Backstroke, 25m Butterfly, 50m Freestyle, 4x25 Medley Relay, 4x25m Freestyle Relay
• Small Schools Relay – For Schools who have no more than a combined total of 50 (girls and boys) in years 5 + 6. Must comprise of four year 5 & four year 6 children.


How to Book
Step 1: Book Online On IAPS Website:
• This year schools must book online directly into the qualifying gala they wish to attend.
• If a qualifying gala is already full, you can join the waiting list or enter another venue.
• Places are limited at each qualifying gala.
• Places are granted on a first come first served basis.
• Click 'Book Now' below to start the booking procedure.
• You must book the different age groups you wish to enter.
• Each age group costs £25.
• You may only book one team per age group and gender.
• You must confirm and pay for this booking ensuring you have read all of IAPS important documents.
• Once you have entered a qualifying gala, your place is guaranteed at this venue. You do not need to wait for confirmation from IAPS as to which venue you have been allocated.


Step 2: Submit Your Team Information:
• You must then submit your team information including names, DOB and strokes, via Team Manager*.
• With 4000 swimmers annually entering IAPS swimming gala, there is a huge amount of competitor information to process. ALL competitor information must be submitted to your qualifying gala organiser via Team Manager. Failure to do so will result in you forfeiting your place at the event.
• You may need to enlist the help of your IT department to download the software onto your computer.
• Please note – the software does not work on networked computers and must be installed on local computers.


*Team Manager - Click here for full instructions on how to submit your entries via Team Manager.
Zip File - Click here for the zip file you will need to use when entering pupil details in Team Manager. You will need this file when you get to section 4 of the instructions. Make sure you use the 2018 version. 

License Code - Click here for the Team Manager License Code which you will need if this is your first time using the software. Otherwise you will not require this license. 
School Codes - Click here for a list of school codes. If your school does not have a code on this list, please email IAPS Sport to be allocated one.

Dates For Your Diary
• Bookings will open on 2 October 2017 and close on 1 December 2017.
• You must submit your competitor details via Team Manager to your qualifying gala organiser at least 2 weeks before the qualifier.
• All qualifying rounds will be completed and results sent to IAPS by Friday 23 March 2018.
• IAPS will process all results and send provisional results back to all qualifying gala organisers by Monday 9 April 2018.
• Qualifying Gala organisers will send provisional results to all schools who entered their gala to check on Monday 9 April 2018.
• Queries must be raised immediately to your qualifying gala organiser and discussed with IAPS. IAPS decision is final on whether any amendments will be made by Friday 20 April 2018.
• Finals results and official qualifiers will be announced by Monday 23 April 2018.
• Withdrawals will be replaced until Friday 1 June 2018.
• IAPS National Swimming Final held on Saturday 9 June 2018.


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Event Location

King Henry VIII School
Warwick Road

Emily Manslip (IAPS Swimming Organiser)