Wednesday 13 June 2018 - St Faith's School, Trumpington Road, Cambridge , CB2 8AG

Event Report and Results

St Faith's School

There were 8 games in total that were won or lost on the last ball, showing how close the standard of the teams on the day were. There were two groups split into 6 and 5 with the classification matches occurring between the teams finishing in corresponding positions from each group.

The final placings in the groups were as follows:


Group A
1. Stephen Perse
2. St Aubyn’s
3. Felsted
4. Bishops Stortford
5. Bedford Modern
6. Forest Prep


Group B
1. St Faith’s
2. Dame Bradbury’s
3. St John’s
4. Alleyn Court
5. Wellingborough


The Final Standings were as follows:

1st St Faith’s
2nd Stephen Perse Foundation
3rd Dame Bradbury
4th St Aubyn’s
5th St John’s
6th Felsted
7th Alleyn Court
8th Bishops Stortford College
9th Bedford Modern
10th Wellingborough
11th Forest Prep


Congratulations to all the players who put on an excellent show for the many spectators and thank you to all the coaches who were full of positivity through the day and umpired superbly. 

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Event Location

St Faith's School
Trumpington Road

John Welch (IAPS Cricket Organiser)