The Independent Association of Prep Schools

The Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS) is a schools association with around 650 of the world’s leading prep schools in membership.

Schools must reach a very high standard to be eligible for membership, with strict criteria on teaching a broad curriculum, maintaining excellent standards of pastoral care and keeping staff members’ professional development training up to date.

Although each of our schools is independent, and has its own ethos, they are all committed to delivering an excellent, well-rounded education to the pupils in their care.

We believe that schools should be unfettered by government interference and with fewer financial and other resourcing constraints than state schools, to ensure that their educational provision is tailored to the needs of the individual children.

IAPS Sport

IAPS believes passionately in the importance of sport as part of an all-round education for its pupils. First and foremost sport is about participation and enjoyment. It should be seen as an important part, but only a part, of the personal development of each child. Many Olympic stars and national representatives in a vast array of sports began their careers in IAPS schools where their enthusiasm and talent were first nurtured. IAPS hosts a wide range of sporting events each year, which are hugely popular with pupils. Please note that all entries to IAPS sporting competitions are managed by the school. Parents are not able to enter their child individually.


IAPS expects all adults who are engaged with the delivery of sports events, to fully comply with safeguarding procedures as laid out in the KCSiE September 2016 document. Children must never be subject to any form of treatment that is harmful, racist, abusive, humiliating or degrading. All reasonable steps must be taken to promote the interests and well-being of children and protect them from harm, discrimination or degrading treatment, as all children have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

IAPS Safeguarding Policy sets out our approach to safeguarding and child protection.

IAPS Booking Terms and Conditions

Schools must read and accept IAPS Booking Terms and Conditions before their sports booking is confirmed.

IAPS Pupil Image Policy

IAPS pupil image policy sets out IAPS approach to the use of photographic images supplied to the association by member schools and the taking of images by IAPS staff and professional photographers for IAPS sports events.

IAPS Code of Practice

The IAPS Code of Practice sets out our expectations for coaches, match officials, pupils, parents and spectators at all IAPS Sport events.

IAPS Complaints Procedure

IAPS is committed to providing high-quality services and events for its member heads, schools, parents and pupils. We make every effort to ensure our services are of a high quality and that our events are run professionally and to a high standard. However, if something goes wrong, we need you to tell us about it; this will help us to improve every year. IAPS complaints procedure has been established to acknowledge your right to complain and have your concern investigated.